Students and Faculty from the College with Chancellor Plowman and Dean Terpenny
Volkswagen, ORNL, and the University of Tennessee announced a new partnership and the creation of the Volkswagen Innovation Hub at Cherokee Farms.
Tom Duong in the ICS Lab
Faculty, staff, and students from the Tickle College of Engineering are banding together with colleagues across the university to produce face masks.
Two students present at the System Level Design Review
The Integrated Engineering Design program is off and running, fostering collaborations between the Tickle College of Engineering and other colleges, and industry groups.
The roof of the New Engineering Complex Begins Construction
Construction on the new engineering complex which will be the future home of the Department of Nuclear Engineering and freshman engineering programs has continued throughout the fall semester.
Ozlem Kilic in the Min H. Kao Engineering Building
Ozlem Kilic, Associate Dean for Academic and Student Affairs, joined the college in July and has since introduced herself to the college and the university.
Arthur Ragauskas
Arthur Ragauskas, UT-ORNL Governor's Chair for Biorefining, is part of a team improving the usefulness of biomass by increasing the sugars they yields.
Vacuum Tubes inside the ITER Facility
Brian Wirth, UT-ORNL Governor’s Chair for Computational Nuclear Engineering, is working on simulations for the next phase of fusion reactors like ITER, the world's largest research facility.
Representations of driverless vehicles on interstate
Professors in civil and environmental engineering, Lee Han and Asad Khattak, are working with UTC and UTSI to develop standards and testing for autonomous vehicles.
Smart Device setup in Home
JIan Liu, assistant professor of electrical engineering and computer science, it working to secure the devices we are using to make our lives easier.
Mahsid Ahmadi
Mahsid Ahmadi, assistant professor of materials science and engineering, is working with ORNL to use advanced scanning probe microscopy to map the behavior of perovskites.
Tom Wood at one of his facilities
Tom Wood built a career on the philosophy that if you treat people right, the company will run right while turning around chemical plants in the process.
Students network after the TLSAMP 2020 Research Conference Dinner
The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, hosted the 2020 TLSAMP Research Conference this past February, celebrating research and creativity of underrepresented students around the state.
Andy Sarles
Andy Sarles, associate professor of mechanical, aerospace, and biomedical engineering, is working as part of a Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative (MURI) on using neuromorphic computing in autonomous vehicles.
Montage of Research Briefs stories
Researchers from the around the college are leading the way in several fields including fusion reactors, neuromorphic computing, and autonomous vehicles.
Sarah Wonner
Sara Wonner, a student in materials science and engineering, is marching toward success as a member of the Pride of Southland Marching Band and Lacy Vols' Pep Band.
Nicholas Weirscham
Nicholas Wierschem, assistant professor of civil and environmental engineering, is looking at the resonance in the world around us to make buildings safer.
Dustin Crouch
Dustin Crouch, an assistant professor in biomedical engineering, is working to unlock a game-changing jump in prosthetic device using bionics.
Michael Jantz
Michael Jantz, assistant professor of electrical engineering and computer science, is developing new approaches for we manage data movement and storage.

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