Early CAREER Award Winners

The Tickle College of Engineering is proud to feature the following Early CAREER Award winners that have been announced so far in 2020. That makes 19 total for the college since 2016 and speaks highly of the creative research activity of our young faculty members.

Nicholas Weirscham

A Sense of Stability

Nicholas Wierschem, assistant professor of civil and environmental engineering, is looking at the resonance in the world around us to make buildings safer.

Read more about about his research.

Dustin Crouch

Natural Prosthetics

Dustin Crouch, an assistant professor in biomedical engineering, is working to unlock a game-changing jump in prosthetic devices using bionics.

Read more about about his research.

Michael Jantz

Good Memory

Michael Jantz, assistant professor of electrical engineering and computer science, is developing new approaches for managing data movement and storage.

Read more about about his research.

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