Nuclear Engineering
Generations of nuclear engineering Vols have trained on UT’s graphite pile, immersing themselves in the field’s history while preparing for bright futures.
The Tickle College of Engineering has reached a major milestone for annual research and development expenditures that puts the college in an elite tier.
Student working in IAMM lab
The TeNnessee MAnufacturing and Design Enterprise (TN-MADE) building in Hardin Valley is aspiring to become an incubator for startup companies while educating TCE students under the same roof.

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Collage of photos of Dustin Gilbert, Sergei Kalinin, Art Ragauskas, Ivis Chaple Gore, Wes Hines, Scott Emrich, and Anahita Khojandi
Researchers in the college are working on several projects including neutron scattering techniques, AI, bunker fuel, and imaging equipment.
Damiano Baccarella works on the 500-kW pulsed Arcjet Tunnel.
Through a US Army Research Office award, the university’s 500-kW pulsed Arcjet Tunnel will be upgraded to a continuous flow facility over the next year which will launch UT into rarified air.
Tom Berg and Xueping Li look over a project slide together.
The college is partnering with UT's College of Nursing on a research and development initiative aimed at enhancing high-consequence operations through a sponsorship by Y-12 National Security Complex.
Lucy Moore working at her desk at the Center for Materials Processing.
The Spark Scholars program has been a major success since it was launched two years ago bringing together early-stage tech companies and UT undergraduate engineering students.
Kevan Bai taking a look at his compact drive inverter.
Professor Kevin Bai is spearheading efforts to develop a compact drive inverter and motor for EVs that would reduce the size and cost of electric drive trains.
Lynne Parker headshot
Associate Vice Chancellor and Director of the AI Tennessee Initiative Lynne Parker retired in May after a 22 years shaping the field of artificial intelligence and robotics.
Avah Cherry riding her mountain bike
Avah Cherry, sophomore aerospace engineering major, studies in the passenger seat while her UT club cycling teammates travel to competitions.
Barry “Butch” Wilmore
NASA astronaut Barry “Butch” Wilmore is the commander for NASA’s Boeing Crew flight test to the International Space Station on board the Starliner spacecraft.

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