Illustration of COVID researchers in a lab
As a picture emerged for how the COVID-19 pandemic could impact the world well beyond the spring 2020 semester, TCE students and faculty stepped up to limit the effect of the virus’ effect.
Illustration of a testing vial
Terry Hazen and Frank Loeffler are using their expertise in micorbiology to develop mass monitoring systems for COVID for UT and other institutions.
Microbe Illustration
Qiang He and Shuai Li have paired their expertise to pursue a unique and novel strategy—disease-resistant buildings resilient to pathogen transmission.
Radiation Illustration
Nuclear engineering alumnus Mohammad Khan used the shock of the COVID-19 pandemic to get creative in working toward a radiological solution.
The new engineering complex has gone from concept to a beautiful structure and now has a name—the Zeanah Engineering Complex.
Tony Schmitz works with grad students on ORNL research project
ROTC students can prepare for careers with a new program launched by UT and Kennesaw State University, in conjunction with the Office of Naval Research.
Artistic shot of Solar Panels
An interdisciplinary team is working to understand the use of residential solar panels at with a goal of helping policymakers better understand their deployment and adaptation.
A UT researcher is partering with Carbon Rivers on a $1.1M DoE grant to recycle wind turbine blades for new composite applications. The novel process limits mechanical degradation and has attracted the attention of industry.
Dustin Gilbert in Ferris Hall
Dustin Gilbert has received an Early CAREER Award from the Department of Energy for his research into the structure and behavior of chiral magnets.
Faculty from the Tickle College of Engineering are leading research into remote monitoring of vital signs, breakthroughs in nuclear alloys, and classroom safety.
Yilu Liu works with students in Power Lab
UT-ORNL Governor's Chair Yilu Liu has taken a critical role in keeping the power flowing through partnerships through ORNL and CURENT.
Tasimba Jonga, a senior in chemical and biomolecular engineering, completed co-ops with Bayer AG and Dow Chemical Company as part of his undergrad experience.
Micah Folsom
Micah Folsom, a recent PhD graduate in nuclear engineering, has invented a radiation detector that may be used to stop the smuggling of nuclear material.
Camille Bergin with Graduation Cap
Camille Bergin, a recent aerospace engineering graduate, tells her story of growing up wanting to be an astronaut to working with NASA as part of Lockheed Martin.
Angie and Harold Canon
Alumni Angie and Harold started Cannon & Cannon, Inc., nearly 25 years ago. The company now belongs to four of their employees.

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