Illustration of COVID researchers in a lab

Countering COVID-19

By Elan Young. Illustrations by Victoria Wheelock (soph., graphic design).

As a picture emerged for how the COVID-19 pandemic could impact the world well beyond the spring semester, TCE students and faculty stepped up to limit the effect of the virus’ effect. Here, we take a look at several ongoing, innovative projects to understand how our college is illuminating the power of the possible in the face of this great challenge.

Illustration of a testing vial

A Virus Versus Rocky Top

Terry Hazen and Frank Loeffler are using their expertise in micorbiology to develop mass monitoring systems for COVID for UT and other institutions.

Learn more about the monitoring systems.

Microbe Illustration

Mapping Microbes

Qiang He and Shuai Li have paired their expertise to pursue a unique and novel strategy—disease-resistant buildings resilient to pathogen transmission.

Read more about about their research.

Radiation Illustration

Radiating Hope

Nuclear engineering alumnus Mohammad Khan used the shock of the COVID-19 pandemic to get creative in working toward a radiological solution.

Learn more about about his team’s radiotherapy treatment.

Illustration of a Trophy and Books

Departments See Success Despite Pandemic

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the students, faculty, and staff were able to adapt to finish the semester, showing the resilience of the Volunteer spirit.

Read more about about their successes.

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