Mahshid Ahmadi in an MSE Lab
MSE Assistant Professor Mahshid Ahmadi received an NSF CAREER Award to further her research into OIHP materials—important for solar farms, medical innovations, and more.

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Montage of research around the college
Researchers around the Tickle College of Engineering have been working on projects ranging from green aviation to protecting smart devices to green aviation.
Lynne Parker at the White House
Lynne Parker, professor in electrical engineering and computer science, was named the founding director of the new National Artificial Intelligence Initiative Office.
Students working on RoaneNet project
A group of students from the Integrated Engineering Design program worked on a senior project to provide internet connection to rural communities.
MSE Student Holding Samples
MSE Assistant Professor Katherine Page wanted two outstanding undergrads to prepare them to think like future research scientist which she found in Alexandria Carter and Noah Sloan.

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