Janis Terpenny
Janis Terpenny, new dean of the Tickle College of Engineering, presents her vision for the college which includes finding, providing, and developing new opportunities.
John Schwartz and Taylor Blackstone Collect Samples
John Schwartz and civil and environmental engineering graduate students are taking adventurous steps to ensure the quality of our water and air is in check.
Hilt of blade designed by UT's Bladesmithing Club
Students from UT's Bladesmithing Club worked to build a blade to compete at the Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (TMS) conference, where they took home more metal than they arrived with.
Matthew Mench checks on TEL BOXX in 3d Printer
Matthew Mench, department head for mechanical, aerospace, and biomedical engineering, saw a need for a new device to help with opioid epidemic.
Montage of Researchers at the Tickle College of Engineering
Although there are many engineering disciplines, they all have the inherent common core of impacting and improving lives.
YNot Team with Grant Kobes at VexU
Industrial engineering student Grant Kobes vision for UT's robotics team was to give engineering students hands on experience and to increase STEM interest with students in the Knoxville community.

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