Lighting the Way

Montage of Researchers at the Tickle College of Engineering

Although many disciplines fall under the broad umbrella of engineering, they all have the inherent common core of impacting and improving lives, from medical devices to manufacturing, from energy to the environment. Here, we take a look at several ongoing, innovative projects within the college and the various ways they are helping out society.

John Schwartz and Taylor Blackstone Collect Samples

A Lab With a View

John Schwartz and civil and environmental engineering graduate students are taking adventurous steps to ensure the quality of our water and air is in check. Learn more about their research.

Students Demonstrate the Use of their Project to Another Student

Designed to Serve

The college’s inaugural Senior Design Showcase hosted more than 125 teams from all disciplines, revealing the impactful work our seniors are doing. Learn more about their projects.

Rupy Sawhney in the Factory Floor Lab with a Student

Engineering for the Human Experience

Rupy Sawhney, professor of industrial and systems engineering, is creating a systems approach that puts engineering for the human experience first. Read more about Sawhney’s approach.

Chien-fei Chen

Engineering Electrical Equality

Chien-fei Chen, research associate professor for the college, is looking to add the human element to the work on power grids being done by CURENT. Learn more about her unique position in the college.

Matthew Mench checks on TEL BOXX in 3d Printer

Device Aims to Reduce Hospital Expenses Related to IV Drug Use

Matthew Mench, department head for mechanical, aerospace, and biomedical engineering, saw a need for a new device to help with opioid epidemic. Read more about their device.

Natchez Trace Bridge

Natchez Trace Bridge Update

Students from the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering senior design class have formally submitted designs to improve the Natchez Trace Bridge’s safety. Learn more about their designs.

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