Students Demonstrate the Use of their Project to Another Student
The college’s inaugural Senior Design Showcase hosted more than 125 teams from all disciplines, revealing the impactful work our seniors are doing.
Montage of Researchers at the Tickle College of Engineering
Although there are many engineering disciplines, they all have the inherent common core of impacting and improving lives.
Mahsid Ahmadi
Mahsid Ahmadi, assistant professor of materials science and engineering, is working with ORNL to use advanced scanning probe microscopy to map the behavior of perovskites.
Tom Wood at one of his facilities
Tom Wood built a career on the philosophy that if you treat people right, the company will run right while turning around chemical plants in the process.
John Schwartz and Taylor Blackstone Collect Samples
John Schwartz and civil and environmental engineering graduate students are taking adventurous steps to ensure the quality of our water and air is in check.

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