Sunrise over River Bluff
In recent years, we have seen record enrollment, patents, research expenditures, and faculty building a foundation for the future—the future of a college on the rise.
A camera hooked up to a laptop (lower middle) detects any change on the video game screen and displays it on the laptop’s monitor as color-coded dots.
UT Team brings expertise in neuromorphic computing into cameras and detection devices in a way that makes them able to detect the slightest change.
Professor Caleb Rucker working in the lab with PhD students Khoa Dang and Joshua Gaston
Associate Professor Caleb Rucker develops a robotic surgical system that provides a safer, less invasive endoscopic approach to an invasive procedure.

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Research Collage
Researchers in the college are working on several projects including nuclear fusion, atomic fabrication, and artificial intelligence education.
AT&T 5G Lab Ribbon Cutting
In an effort to advanced 5G research, the AT&T 5G Lab at UT Research Park at Cherokee Farm was recently dedicated during a ceremonial ribbon cutting.
Katharine Page standing in front of laboratory equipment
Assistant Professor Katharine Page is joining a multi-university project to seek a greater understanding of hydrogen and its uses.
Katie Schuman stands in front of a dry erase board with formulas written on it.
Assistant Professor Katie Schuman is leveraging high-performance computing and machine learnng to make advancements in neuromorphic computing.
Collage of image including a farmers market, a garden, trucks, and a delivery driver
The US Department of Transportation has selected UT to lead a multi-institutional university transportation center.
Rendering of BWRX-300 small modular reactor nuclear facility. Image courtesy of GE-Hitachi Nuclear Energy (GEH).
Associate Professor Jamie Coble and Dan Doulet Faculty Fellow Jim Ostrowski collaborate to improve maintenance schedules for nuclear power plants.
Students working with John Deere for their senior design project
ISE students tackle separate projects for the iconic machinery, heavy equipment, and agricultural tool producer John Deere.
Remembering Rupy Sawhney graphic
Former students and colleagues share memories of Rapinder Sawhney, who dedicated 46 years helping create success for students he encountered at UT.
Sreya Kumpatia pointing to a chart with the heading "Payload and Small Spacecraft"
Sreya Kumpatla, a senior majoring in aerospace engineering shares what a typical day in the life of a student intern at JPL looks like.

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