Lynne Parker at the White House
Lynne Parker, professor in electrical engineering and computer science, was named the founding director of the new National Artificial Intelligence Initiative Office.
Camille Bergin with Graduation Cap
Camille Bergin, a recent aerospace engineering graduate, tells her story of growing up wanting to be an astronaut to working with NASA as part of Lockheed Martin.
Microbe Illustration
Qiang He and Shuai Li have paired their expertise to pursue a unique and novel strategy—disease-resistant buildings resilient to pathogen transmission.
Hilt of blade designed by UT's Bladesmithing Club
Students from UT's Bladesmithing Club worked to build a blade to compete at the Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (TMS) conference, where they took home more metal than they arrived with.
Students Demonstrate the Use of their Project to Another Student
The college’s inaugural Senior Design Showcase hosted more than 125 teams from all disciplines, revealing the impactful work our seniors are doing.
Matthew Mench checks on TEL BOXX in 3d Printer
Matthew Mench, department head for mechanical, aerospace, and biomedical engineering, saw a need for a new device to help with opioid epidemic.
Vacuum Tubes inside the ITER Facility
Brian Wirth, UT-ORNL Governor’s Chair for Computational Nuclear Engineering, is working on simulations for the next phase of fusion reactors like ITER, the world's largest research facility.
Illustration of a testing vial
Terry Hazen and Frank Loeffler are using their expertise in micorbiology to develop mass monitoring systems for COVID for UT and other institutions.
Representations of driverless vehicles on interstate
Professors in civil and environmental engineering, Lee Han and Asad Khattak, are working with UTC and UTSI to develop standards and testing for autonomous vehicles.

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